Cannabis Seed Reviews USA 2023

We're the authority on American Cannabis Seed Reviews in 2023 and we are here to help you find the most trusted cannabis seed banks in America, Canada, Australia, and the rest of the world including Japan.

Cannabis Seed Company Reviews

Editor's Choice No. 1 Best American Seed Bank 2022

Number 1 USA seed bank

No. 1 Best American Seed Bank 2023

BC Seeds grows unique strains that can only be created by their owner, Mr. BC. He has mastered breeding female seeds by not using chemicals and by using natural light and plant stresses. This  is a key breeding decision that sets BC Seed above the rest. He does all this extra work for free, while keeping the cost of Canadian cannabis seeds low for all the most popular and potent strains.

Shortest Auto Flowering Breeder

BC Seeds has the shortest auto flowering seeds which take less time to flower and thereby harvest earlier thus beating the frost in cooler climates. Everyone agrees BC Seeds Auto Flowering Strains harvest the earliest.

Exotic Cannabis Strains in 2023

Discover exotic strains in 2023 bred from top shelf rare cannabis from around the world. The Korean Skunk discovery and their East Asian Hazes have been bred and perfected for soaring high's that keep your energy high all day long.

Best American Seed Bank in 2023

Here’s the website address for the best American Seed Bank in 2022 with quick shipping to USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada:

Top Cannabis Seed Breeder 2023

BC Seeds is considered to be the Top Cannabis Seed Breeder worldwide. With fast stealth shipping, BC Seeds is the most reliable seed banks in North America for 2023.

The best weed seed bank for USA customers that accepts all sorts of payment methods. They're always updating and adding new payments like credit cards, crypto, bank transfers, cash and more. So pick and place your favourite strains in your cart and checkout today to find the best payment method for you.

Buy Cannabis Seeds Safely Online in 2023

If you want to purchase cannabis seeds safely online in 2023, the BC seed bank has got your back! A seed bank that is over 20 years old that is reliable for USA! Buy from an honest breeder that stands behind their seeds. you'll get seeds that should all pop with 100% germination rates.

Save money growing BC Seeds

BC Seeds mission is to get the best marijuana strains into the hands of top home growers that are serious about growing only the top genetic strains available. Why waste all your time, lights, electricity and fertilizers on subpar genetics, grow the best, grow BC Seed!

BC will ship your order out right away. They strive on shipping your order within 24 hours! They have freebies and super stealth shipping to make sure your orders arrive anywhere in the world.

Reputable Seed Banks 2023

Buy from a reputable seed bank 2023 with decades of business experience, keeping two steps ahead of the competition. The world's strongest weed strains are developed and continue to be developed by Mr. BC. So check out their Sky Heaven Bud, Elephant Bud, Oracle Bud, Euphoria Continuum Bud, Indica 50, Multiverse God Bud and Unimaginable Reality Bud. They have 45 of the world's top ranked strains with more coming soon.

Only the most advanced stealth shipping

BC Seeds stealth shipping to Australia, USA and Japan is miles ahead of everyone else. We have insider information to make sure your order arrives on time without issues.

Visit the BC Seeds Official website to order your premium cannabis strains today:

Cannabis Seed Company Reviews


Here are our Top 10 Cannabis Seed Company Reviews:

  1. BC Seeds
  2. Australian Seed Company
  3. Amsterdam Seed Company
  4. London Seed Company UK (Closed)
  5. British Columbia Seed Company
  6. African Seed Company
  7. Japanese Seed Company - Japan's Only Legit Cannabis Seed Bank
  8. Rocky Mountain Seed Company - Closed
  9. Canada Seed Company
  10. Seed Company (USA)

#2 Australian Seed Company

The number 2 top seed bank in Australia is the Australian Seed Company. They have access to all the greatest strains for growing weed outdoors in Australia. They have a really honest and down to earth owner that specializes in Stealth Shipping down under. So no worries about getting your orders mates! The Australian Seed Company has got you covered for all you marijuana seed delivered fast in Australia.

#3 Amsterdam Seed Company

The Amsterdam Seed Company is an old and reliable seed Dutch company that isn't going anywhere. They're your most reliable place to order Globally. They have a huge customer base in Europe, The United States of America, South Africa and Australia. If you need your seeds shipped out fast than you can always depend the Amsterdam Seed Company for a large selection of seeds that are always in stock.

They know how to run a seed bank company properly and they have always had the best strains for you at the best prices. So I recommend you give them a try and you're sure to be a lifelong customer after finding this gem of a seed company. You'll be blown away by the quality of their breeding.

#4 British Columbia Seed Company

The British Columbia Seed Company is a North American goto seed company. They've been breeding the most advanced cannabis from around the globe on Vancouver Island, BC. This is the best climate in the world for cannabis seed breeding. So you're going to get your hands on the best bred seeds that exist. The owner was raised in the biz and knows everything there is about growing cannabis, so feel free to ask away with your questions. You must try growing your own home grown weed using seeds from the British Columbia Seed Company.

#5 African Seed Company

When you're looking for exotic strains you need to check out the African Seed Company. They have all those exoctic Sativa's you'll want to own for you're own breeding projects. This is a great way to create an award winning strain for the upcoming cup.

#7 Japanese Seed Company

The Japanese Seed Company is now known has Japan Seeds. This is the only cannabis seed company in Japan so you're lucky its run well by some excellent Japanese breeders. Most of their strains grow well outdoors in harsh climates because in Japan the secret gardens are located in the harsh mountains of Japan. They have a technical way of breeding so expect each plant to grow identical to others, even when the seeds are years old from many generations before. They make sure each batch of seed are true to their lineage. This makes their strains reliable, even years later you can buy the exact same strain you liked 5 years ago. If you live in Japan, you must give the Japanese Seed Company a try.

#9 Canada Seed Company

The Canada Seed Company is an old and established seed company in Canada. Here you will find a huge assortment of Canada's best cannabis genetics at low Prices that Canucks love! Canada has a very advanced cannabis industry, so you'll be guaranteed that you're buying the best strains at bargain prices. This is the best seed company in the world to get the most bang for your buck! So buy from the best Northern seed bank in Canada and order your seeds from Canada Seed Company today!

#10 Seed Company USA

This Seed Company website will help American's find the best seed company for their cannabis recreational and medical needs. This is a very reliable seed company that's been hooking up American's with weed seeds for a long time. Zip on over to the Seed Company and buy some cannabis seeds today!